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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to have my car windows tinted?  4 hours minimum

How long does it take to have a paint protection film put on my car? We would like a car for 24  hours. This allows for the protection film to properly dry and make any touch-ups if necessary


Does the tint go on the outside of the windows? No, it is cut and shrunk on the outside and then applied to the inside window.

What Is The Warranty Period For Your Window Films? We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on both the CS, HP, and XR series. The warranty covers against cracking, peeling, bubbling, delamination, fading and color change for the life of the film. The warranty is transferable and will continue with the car even in the event the ownership change.

What Is The Cure Time After Installation?

The time can vary depending on the surface that XPEL RX was applied to and climate conditions. Please allow for the surface to be fully cured before use.

XPEL Product Care

Please be sure to use the care instructions for the type of product you purchased. If you are not sure which product you have, check with your installer or retailer for verification. Using the incorrect care procedures can permanently damage your products.


To keep your film looking great, follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your car.

  • Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible with 

  • Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint.

  • Seal with XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant at least once every 3 months to preserve high gloss. 

  • Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area.

  • Avoid using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source near the edges of the film, it can cause the film to lift and/or become damaged.

  • Detailing Clay can be used to remove contaminants that are on the film.

XPEL Automotive Window Tint Care

XPEL PRIME Automotive Window Films were designed to keep their flawless appearance and clarity for many years. Follow these tips to properly care for your windows and keep them looking their best:

  • Keep in mind that your window tint may have a hazy appearance or moisture bubbles for up to ten days after installation. These conditions will disappear once the moisture used to apply your tint dries up completely.

  • Wait approximately 1-5 days after installation before rolling down or cleaning your windows based on the climate in which it was installed.

  • Use a microfiber towel slightly dampened with water to clean your windows. If necessary, mild, non-ammonia glass cleaners may also be used.

  • Avoid the use of abrasive materials such as scouring pads, to clean your tinted windows.

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